Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Drew Bledsoe Week: 10 Reasons Drew Bledsoe Will Kick Your Butt

I remember my cousin had this poster on his wall. I mean there are posters and then there is The "10 Reasosns Drew Bledsoe Will Kick Your Butt" poster. In the 1990's Bledsoe was the fuckin shit. Every kid in New England had a Bledsoe Jersey there were posters and t-shirts everywhere. Drew was really the first true player the team that they could market and point to saying, "this is our franchise guy." He came in with high potential and high expectations, with it he brought life back to a fan base that was in dire straights.

Ps. If anyone has vintage Bledsoe Stuff let me know. I know my man Rob has a sick Patriot Missile shirt with Bledsoe as half man half missile. It may be one of the greatest t-shirts of all time.